Dr. Joe Burns

Keynote Speaker | Money Mastery Coach | Dad-joke Connoisseur


I disrupt the patterns of business owners to heal their money trauma and fix their relationship with generational wealth.

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Dr. Joseph (Joe) M. Burns

Joe Burns is indomitable. Yet, his heartfelt, genuine approach mixed with his signature, dad-joke humor makes him approachable, allowing him to capture the room. He creates a safe space for audiences to open up and engage in the money topics we usually avoid. And he believes money should be fun! He is an expert at making complex ideas simple and using hot-seat coaching to get everyone a breakthrough (whether or not they’re on stage with him). His message of disruption, talking to money, and using simple, actionable steps to achieve the impact entrepreneurs desire has been heard around the globe.

Born and raised near Salt Lake City, Utah, Joe grew up learning that money was something we had to work too hard for. Yet, there was never enough. While his incredible parents taught him the value of hard work, he also believed there had to be a more efficient way. His drive led him to work in the IT field, where he leveraged his curiosity to advance his career. Without a college degree, he became a highly specialized and sought-after systems engineer with a paycheck to match.

Except for one problem…

He was making money, but he wasn’t making true impact. In his words, “Why was I using my skills to help banks and corporations get richer instead of helping real people?”

As he transitioned from IT guy to millionaire coach, Joe discovered his undeniable gift for talking to money. Even more, he realized it talks back – and it has a lot to say.

Now he uses the best practices of both the scientific and intuitive worlds to put shape around those messages, disrupting the way audiences relate to money and helping them re-pattern their unconscious so they can unlock the answers inside of them and make money their best friend.

On average, his clients more than double their monthly revenue and experience incredible personal breakthroughs.

You’ll often hear him say, “It’s never about the money.”


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Brand Story

In 2009, with my wife lost in PTSD, bills stacking up, creditors closing in and a house in foreclosure… our American Dream was busted. I believed if I could make more cash, all my problems would be solved. In hindsight, I had the skills to provide for my family, but not the mindset.

Because it didn’t get better. It got worse. And in 2010, I was forced to face the uncontrolled chaos that had become my life. Changing jobs, making over $100k a year, or being in a niche industry with super coveted and highly desirable skills hadn’t been enough. I still found myself at our local church group asking for help to put food on our table.

The shame was real and the fear that maybe I wasn’t enough. I spiraled to my breaking point and that darkness was a powerful teacher.

I discovered money is NEVER the problem. Instead, it’s the unconscious stories developed early in life that create our struggle with money and undermine our perception of self.

And the only way through is to disrupt the cycle and re-pattern our mindset so we can operate from that place inside us that KNOWS how to achieve the financial success we desire.

I know because I’ve been there. I lived those stories. I’ve shifted those beliefs.

Now I help other entrepreneurs unlock access to the answers inside them by disrupting their money mindset, raising their Money EQ, and making money their best friend.

“Wealth is a game of emotion. Business success is a game of emotion. It all comes down to the stories we tell ourselves about what we’re doing” (Mike Michalowicz, PROFIT FIRST).

I’m here to change the conversation we’re having around money so entrepreneurs can win their game.

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“…We had a ton of debt and I was stressed about trying to find even an extra $400 a month to put gas in our car. Now, I’m bringing in 6 figures, just purchased a new home, and am able to provide an amazing life + lifestyle for my family, including vacations and lots of fun self-care activities.

– Sarah Paikai
Artist, Founder of Speak Your Word

Joe is available to serve at your event as:

Keynote Speaker
Workshop Facilitator
Expert Panelist
Sales Team Money Mindset Consultant

“When I started this work, I struggled to make $2k/mo and I had a credit score of 268. I’m currently averaging $12k/ mo, I have a credit score of 701 and I have enough saved to go 6-months while living my current lifestyle, which isn’t cheap. To say these principles have changed my life is an understatement

–Kajana Movery
Business Development Consultant

“I have a more objective point of view on numbers and money with less emotional attachment getting in the way. I’m aware of my money stories and how they create narratives that have the power to inform my decisions if I let them.”

– Ally Berthiaume
Owner of The Write Place, Right Time

“My business was $100k in debt and I was worried that I’d lose everything, including my marriage. By focusing on my [money] relationship, I paid that entire debt off and generated $300k that year. Three years later I had my first million-dollar year.”

– Kathy Goughenour
Owner of Virtual Expert Training

Speaking Topics Include:


The techniques behind my money mastery method that have helped my clients to increase their monthly income by 200% on average.


The key to unlocking your highest self & greatest impact, which lies within the money narrative you live out each day.


The rules of money & which attitudes to master for improving your results.


The “container” you’re operating from and how to set up the procedures that will fill or uplevel it.

Joe is available for in-person events as well as online webinars and virtual presentations. All topics are customized to your specific goals and audience needs.

Payment Policy

A deposit of 50% of the speaking fee holds the date when you book an engagement. Your event will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid. The balance is due the day BEFORE the program unless otherwise agreed upon.

Travel Expense Policy

In addition to Joe’s speaking fee, reasonable travel expenses are charged to your organization. These expenses may include round trip airfare, lodging, ground transportation, parking and/or meals. Travel arrangements can be made directly by your organization or you may reimburse Joe Burns for these expenses BEFORE the engagement.

Get In Touch

Contact Joe’s team for a Free Consultation about your event at [email protected].

During your phone consultation, our team will deep dive with you into the desired objectives for your event, conference, or training. Together, we will be able to determine if Joe is the best fit for your event, confirm his availability for the requested date(s), and assess which speaking or workshop topic(s) will best meet the needs of your group. We look forward to serving you!


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